Looking to upload your original songs, remixes, or edits? Awesome! We can't wait to hear them. You can start adding songs with just a few clicks. Follow the instructions below and you'll have your tracks up in no time!

Head to Your My Songs Dashboard

Your My Songs Dashboard page is the hub for all of your tracks. From there, you can add new tracks, share tracks you've already uploaded, and check in on each of your tracks' stats.

To access your My Songs Dashboard, click the link on the left side of the page:

Click the Blue "ADD NEW" Button

On your My Songs Dashboard, you'll see a blue button that say "ADD NEW" at the top of the page. When you're ready to upload, give that button a click.

Add Your Files

After clicking the blue "ADD NEW" button, you'll be directed to a new page where you can add your files. All you have to do is click the button that says "CLICK TO ADD FILES." When you do that, you'll be able to add files from your device. You can add up to 20 files at once.

Edit Your Track Information

Once you add files from your device, they will auto-populate in the blue field. At this point, you can add album art and edit your tracks' Artist Name, Title, Genre, and Version.

Version indicates the type of track you're uploading. This could be Clean, Dirty, Remix, Acapella, Instrumental, and more! If you're uploading an original track that does not include adult language, write "Original Mix."

Once you have all of the necessary information filled out, click the blue "SAVE" button at the bottom of the page.

When your tracks are done uploading, you'll see the pop-up message below. Click close and you'll be redirected to your My Songs Dashboard.


Back on your My Songs Dashboard page, you'll see that your recent uploads are listed as "pending." All songs go into the pending stage when they're first uploaded to ensure they're tagged properly and ready for optimal use on the site. This process usually takes just a few hours, but can take longer on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

You'll receive an email when your tracks are out of the pending stage and live on the site. On your My Songs Dashboard, you'll no longer see "pending" next to your tracks.

You're all set! Congratulations on uploading your tracks!

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