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How Do I See Who Downloaded My Tracks?
How Do I See Who Downloaded My Tracks?

Can I see who's downloaded my tracks?

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Curious as to who's been downloading your tracks? You can find out on your Insights pages.

While you can see your Insights pages on the app, you can only see the specific users that have downloaded your tracks on our main website. Be sure to head to Insights on your computer if you're looking for that :)

  • First, head to your My Uploads page. To do that, click your profile icon at the top right of the screen, then "My Uploads."

  • On that page, click "See Insights" on the track you'd like to check out.

  • On your Insights page, scroll down to the section that says Reach. To the right of Reach, you'll see a drop-down menu that says Filter list.

  • When you click that, a menu will appear where you can select Downloaded.

Once you select that, the list below will show all the users who have downloaded your track :)

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