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Creating a 320 kbps MP3 File
Exporting MP3 Files From Audacity
Exporting MP3 Files From Audacity

How to export 320 kbps MP3 files from Audacity

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If you're using Audacity to create your tracks, just follow the directions below to export them as 320 kbps MP3 files.

When your track is ready, click File at the top of the program, then select Export Audio. When you do that, an Export Audio window will pop up where you can name your file and click Save. Be sure to have MP3 selected as your file type. After clicking Save, a new Edit Metadata window will pop up. When that happens, click OK.

After doing this, you may see another window pop up that says Locate LAME. In this new window, you'll see the sentence "To get a free copy of LAME, click here." Click the Download button next to that sentence. When you do that, you'll be directed to a site where you can download LAME. Once LAME is downloaded, just double click on it to run the program. Once LAME is installed, head back to Audacity.

Back in Audacity, you'll need to restart the process by clicking File at the top, then selecting Export Audio. In the Export Audio window, name your file and click Save. In the Edit Metadata window that pops up, click OK.

Once you do that, your track will export to your device and you'll be all set to upload it to Digital DJ Pool :)

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