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How To Find Other Users

Find DJs, Labels, and more!

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At Digital DJ Pool, we love building a community for our users. It's a great way to meet new collaborators, get feedback, and more! The first step is finding other users, which we've made super simple.

On the Feed page, you'll see a panel on the right that lists Featured DJs and Labels. The Feed page is only available on our main website - not the app.

You can click on any of those users to be directed to their page or you can click the Follow button next to their name. If you'd like to see a new group of users in one of those sections, all you need to do is click the Refresh button.

Below the Feature DJs and Labels section, you'll see the "Add your Gmail friends" section. From there, you can connect your Gmail account and see if any of your contacts are also on Digital DJ Pool.

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